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Nude Model in Antique Chair


Title: Model in Antique Chair
Size: 22 x 30 inches
Medium: Mixed media on paper

People know the work of Egon Shiele and Gustav Klimt. They are facinated by the sexuality contained by both these artists paintings and drawings. Although the work of both of these artists was considered scandalous during their lifetimes, their work became acceptable upon their deaths.

Several models I have worked with over the past 40 years are facinated by the erotic nature of the drawings of Klimt and Schiele. Some choose to express themselves in ways that others are uncomfortable doing. Some request that I only change the face so as to not have a resemblance, while others are not concerned. Like many artists before me, this kind of art is viewed as scandalous perhaps because both the model and the artist are still living.

Working from the model in groups is entirely different from drawing or painting the model in her own space or in a pravate studio space. Models are often more comfortable in there own spaces than anywhere else.

This work of art is done in graphite, Liquitex acrylic paint and Liquitex acrylic gesso on 140lb Fabriano watercolor paper.

I have signed it and I will provide a certificate of authenticity.

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The Art Model
The Art Model
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