The Art Gallery

This Montreal Art Gallery showcases paintings, drawing and works on paper by artist Stewart Fletcher. His creations can be found in private and corporate collections in over twenty countries and thirty-six American States which now are being sold at auction in the secondary art market in Europe.

Art for Every Space…

Primarily known for his exquisite drawings and paintings of the female nude, Stewart Fletcher also explores landscape, still life and abstraction in his works.

Stewart Fletcher is prolific figurative, expressive and abstract contemporary artist with over 40 years of creative production which guarantees that there is a work of art in our gallery for every space.

“The women in my drawings and paintings are my friends.  Most come to pose for me because they want to be a part of my art and creativity. I them choose their own poses and level of nudity and by doing so the imagery becomes different and more natural.”


The Artist

“I am naturally drawn to quiet places far away from the noise of day to day living. I have no interest in chaos and very little in man-made structures, instead I am entranced by the serenity of the sky and water, most comfortable in silent rooms and fascinated by the intricacies and the intimacy of the human body.”




“Creativity is volatile and it is contagious. One spark in the right conditions and creativity blossoms and grows. It easily spreads to others with ease. The act of creation is not meant to be a solitary act but one to be shared with others.”

~ Stewart Fletcher ~

Capturing Moments…

“I capture moments in my drawings and paintings, furtive moments as the model moves or changes her pose. I would like the viewer to sense that her movement  is real and plausible. Each painting and drawing I create is a part of a larger and more complex idea.”

~ Stewart Fletcher ~

Art Collecting…

“Everyone should only buy art that they really like and want to hang on their walls. Similarly, if they want to build an art collection they will need to buy art created by trained professionals.”

~ Stewart Fletcher ~